One School One Garden (OSOG) Overview 

The One School One Garden (OSOG) program uses Web-based aquaponic gardens to promote STEM learning, environmental education and healthier eating around the world.

  • American schools buy OSOG garden kit and curriculum, supporting implementation in another school abroad
  • Students collaborate and share learnings through smart aquaponics technology
  • Gardens reinforce classroom learning and provide sustainable sources of healthy food

More OSOG Information

Kijani Grows One School One Garden Program Overview

OSOG Pilot Overview

OSOG Pilot Project Information

Get Involved

We’re actively recruiting volunteers to help us expand the program.  As an open-source project, we’re happy to collaborate with volunteers in fields of their expertise and share our data and results with others.

Specific opportunities:

1) If you’re a U.S.-based school or organization and would like to join the OSOG program please contact us.

2) We’re looking to add to our curriculum with content about biology, environmental science, chemistry, physics and urban design.  If you would like to contribute, you may do so on our OSOG Wiki.

3) Design and web development help. We’d like to give our garden graphics and site a makeover so if you’re interested in helping us display aquaponic garden data from around the world let us know! Also, from an engineering standpoint, we’re working on creating new automated processes for our gardens on the back-end and building microsites for our OSOG program. Send a note to if you’re interested in helping out.

4) Join the team in Xela, Guatemala, helping to implement the pilot project on the ground and working with students. You’ll have the opportunity to administer our curriculum and help manage our interchange program with American schools. Spanish proficiency is required. If interested, please send an email to

5) Help promote OSOG and spread the word!  Feel free to use any of our documents on the page to inform your friends and family about our project.  If you would like additional resources please don’t hesitate to ask us.