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Smart Gardens

Kijani Grows produces and installs smart aquaponics gardens for homes, schools, and corporate settings. We also offer courses in aquaponics – learn how to design and build your own garden. Garden kits and components are available for purchase.

Smart gardens use a variety of sensors and actuators to allow for remote monitoring and service – an automated garden!

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Indoor and outdoor aquaponics gardens provide food for individuals and families.

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Kijani Grows

Kijani is Swahili for the color green.

Aquaponics is a way of growing plants and fish together in a highly efficient water recycling system. It is natural, organic, productive and practical for urban settings. It is also a fun hands on educational tool.Our new educational program, One School One Garden (OSOG) uses aquaponics to connect students worldwide and educate them about the environment and enhancing nutrition through alternative farming.